Monday, 19 May 2008

Starting another 365.

After another 36 hour travelling stint I am back in Korea and finished with my first day. It was hard.

When I arrived yesterday I didn’t really know what to feel about being back. Somehow Icheon doesn’t really feel like home, even thought I take it as that, but considering that I don’t see Pretoria as my real home anymore, it makes things difficult. Where do I belong? Pretoria is “Home”, but not the place where I want to be, an I can’t think much more than 12 months in advance because of Korean laws.

Anyway, a few things have changed in the two weeks that I was gone. The road to school is much greener. I need to take a photo. The vegetation is now so lush that it almost feels like I am walking through a forest after the evening rain.

I started by fist day of my new contract having slept only 4 hours in the previous 2 days, jet lag, and having only one period off. When 3:30 came around I was already dead on my feet.

At school I gave out the few gifts I brought along and I really wished I was able to bring much more. There are many more people who would have loved to get a small gift as well. I have no idea how the teachers will take it that I gave everyone in the Admin Office a gift, but they do a lot for me in terms of paper work and things like that.

I was informed today that we would be going to dinner in Thursday to “Welcome me to Korea”, but I think it might just be an excuse to go eat out on the school’s expense. I don’t mind. Free food is rarely a bad thing. I was also drafted to be the Tug-of-War ref at the sports day on Friday. It is nice because I am kind of being treated as a teacher of the school.

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Queenie said...

Welcome back to KOREA!!!

i really missed your BLOGS..surprise surprise

and i really missed annoying you the most!! ahahaha

have a nice day!!!