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News of the week

I'll start off with an interesting and growing thread. Someone brought up restaurants and I made a note to go visit the places myself.

(PS: for reasonably priced, really great Indian food, I recommend Durga, on the second floor of the street front, straight ahead out exit 1 of jonggak station (line 1), between jonggak and gwanghwamun stations. Try the fresh naan bread, the chicken butter masala, the palak prawn, and the dal makhani. Tell them the curly haired guy who always orders chicken butter masala sent you.)


I think Buddha’s Belly is the best Thai food in Seoul. Great ambiance, too. It is located behind the Hamilton Hotel, in the same building as USMania (just down the street from the Three Alley Pub).

Read the thread here.


Korean anti-Americanism

An extremely interesting article, but I have to wonder about it. When I walk down the street, do you think they some people might like me, or maybe NOT like me because they think I am American or because I am Foreign. Do people like the man in the article really make the distinction?


South Korean leader apologizes over beef deal

And why exactly does he need to apologise for peoples stupid over reactions about the based on the media’s intentional misinformation, again? Are we going to get a public apology from the Editor of the station that showed imaged of a sick animal, knowing that it didn’t have BSE, but still claiming it did? I am so sorry to hear that the Presedent is doing his job and trying to find cheaper meat for the people of Korea. I sure hope he doesn’t try to find any other cheap sources of food.

Tukkies to stage xenophobia protest

The first article I am seeing about someone actually standing up against the this serious, and still spreading, problem in South Africa.

I can link to a few articles, but I already mentioned it earlier this week. Since mentioning it the violence have spread to all the corners of South Africa's townships


Tsvangirai visits xenophobia hot spot

What really annoys me about this article is that he sees Zimbabweans and Mozambiquers as “Brothers” that need to be helped, but will he say the same about me, an actual South African, despite my skin colour? Somehow I doubt it.

Because of attitudes like this, and general violence and crime, is it any wonder that 20% of SAfricans plan to emigrate?


Government to blame, say bloggers

“DO not know what our government was hoping would happen when they allowed foreigners to flood into our country. I remember the Special Assignment programme on how Zimbabweans found a way into our country.

Our government did absolutely nothing. Imagine yourself being the poorest of the poor, and there are people from another country who get jobs because it is easy for them to be cheated. I fail to believe that our South Africans do not want to work hard. — Cleo”

I suppose the government workers striking because they didn’t get the extra public holiday is a prime example of how hard they are working. Also, are they saying that THEY would rather be the ones being cheated, just so that they can strike and show how hard working they are, or are they now referring to the private shop keepers who were driven out of town and get their shops looted by these same “hard working and honest” local people.


Documentary highlights education collapse

Yup, yup. 15 years on and the terrible white government did just as much good as the current black government, but the fool will vote for the ANC no matter what, and don’t even mention that they can vote for a white man. Heaven Forbid that things might go back to the way it used to be. The ironic thing is that, 15 years on, they are still blaming the white government for the ANC’s uselessness.


Korea's Animation Industry Maturing

Sweet. Nice going people. We need another strong animation style. In my opinion we can not have enough animation.

Let’s just hope they take it like grown-ups and don’t make it in to another excuse to try and justify Korea as the best thing since the Big Bang. Korea has so much to offer, but they can’t seem to do it without making an issue about everything that is nice.


When Sexual Violence Prevention Education Goes Wrong

I am not sire if I should laugh or scream at this article. I can just see little girls stabbing someone just because they don’t know them, and based on the reactions I get from the elementary school children when I walk down the street, I just hope they don’t attack me spontaneously.

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