Tuesday, 01 July 2008

The Accent Revisited

I admit that I haven't really looked for a real Korean accent on the Internet, but Brian posted this one and my first thought was: "She sounds like my girlfriend"

I should clarify. Skattebol does have an accent, but nothing on this scale. She works in another country and speaks English on a daily basis. Also, after spending a few hours with me, or any native speaker, I suppose, her accent becomes clearer very quickly.

What I am talking about is when Skattebol makes fun of other Koreans. We all know that no one does an accent like someone who grew up with it. Do not ask a Brit to speak like a New Yorker. Get someone from around there. Don't ask an American Actor to speak like an Afrikaans South African. They always sound German or Australian. You need to ask someone like Arno Vosloo. His first language is Afrikaans, even thought he doesn't sound it. I am pretty sure he can do a killer mocking accent. I can do a fair one myself because I spoke like that when I was in school. It was my natural accent. Anyhoo...

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