Thursday, 03 July 2008

Will this happen in Korea?

I am too lazy to check now, but I am 99% sure I mentioned before that I love Podcasts. I am even sure I said, or at the very least, linked to something that explained it better than I can.

The Carnegie Council has a Podcast of, usually, recordings presentations by knowledgeable people in a particular field. This week they have an interview between Michael Zielenziger and Devin T. Stewart with the Podcast entitles "Hikikomori" and Japan's Role in the World, based on a book Shutting out the Sun.

The Podcast deals with young Japanese people who feel completely alienated from society, but seems to fit in to may other countries. Because Japan and Korea at culturally so very close (not the same), I had to wonder if any of this can be related to Korea. I can see some of it, but Korea allows the expression of individuality to an extent that I think the Japanese might only dream of, but in other respects I can see how my Korean friends who have lived in other countries are looking for a way out as soon as possible.

If you are interested in this sort of thing, please subscribe to this Podcast or listen to this episode here.

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Bobby McGill said...

I am a huge fan of podcasts as well. Have you checked out Dan Carlin's Hardcore History? Excellent stuff. And History According to Bob is great, too.