Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I want to get to know her better

While standing at the bus stop I saw a great t-shirt. My stupid camera is starting to make be angry now and I think it is time to get a new point and click. Anyway, the girl’s t-shirt, on the front, read “3rd Base Coach” in a nice baseball font.

I know not everyone cares about euphemisms and non-native speakers generally don’t even realise what people are saying, but I have always been too curious not to wonder why people say things that don’t make sense. Here is how this one works. Girls are like baseball. First Base is kissing, Second Base it feeling naked breasts, Third Base it feeling virgina and home is intercourse.

I am sure you can see where my mind was going with her t-shirt. If you like euphemisms and you have lived with Korean Konglish for a while, you will do the same. When I saw the back of the shirt I had to laugh. It said: “Who gives a shit?” Am I really that wrong to think the shirt says she will teach me how get there and how to finger a girl properly?

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