Friday, 25 July 2008

Rock On!

There is a general lack of Rock music on the Korean music scene. The few bands who to attempt it seems to be so bad that no one ever hears of them. This lack of real rock is the main reason why I don't like Korean music. Pop with it's pretty girls and boys, both  "bands" and solo with a general lack of musical or singing talent annoy me.

One of my second grade students likes rock music as well, so I asked him what Korean bands are good. His reply was that Korean Rock doesn't exist. Later he showed me a few of the clip on his MP4 player, drawing attention to the various electric guitar sections. I grew up in a White Western culture and like most people even vaguely interested in rock, I know who to look for when it comes to electric guitars. Eric Clapton and Brian May are just two obvious examples. One of my favourite, although not great piece is from AC/DC. The guys plays the intro part one handed.

We ended up paying a few more songs on YouTube. From my side it was Springbok Nude Girls, Lead Zeppelin and the like, and from his side it was all 80s, like Mr. Big. Interesting that he would be so in to the 80s bands. Also interesting is how the hardest rockers are also the best ballad type artists.

I need to nurture this boy. Together we will turn Korea on to decent music and away from that, stuff, they listen to now. *wink*

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