Wednesday, 02 July 2008

Them Chinks are now Kaffers, are they?

Before starting the post outright, I would like to apologise if anyone is offended by the title. Please consider it in the context of South African history and the point of this post.

It would seem that Chinese people in South Africa, if I understand it correctly, are now legally considered black.

This all started more than a year ago when the Chinese Association of South Africa rightfully grumbled about being classified as Coloured, which means they were disadvantaged under White rule and now they are disadvantaged under Black Rule. In South African politics colour is very important and we have, depending no who you ask, three to 5 groups in the country. By law you fall somewhere on a scale based on previously disadvantaged situations. Effectively this means that if you are Black then you will get preference over just about anyone else. Qualifications, experience and credentials mean nothing in most cases.

I am sure you can see how the groups who are not Black will be grumbling. White Rule meant they were not fairly treated, but now, again, they are not given a fair chance. Interesting how this country, built on racial equality, is so legally racist, isn’t it?

While trying to find articles on Google I came across a reference that says the first Chinese were actually black.

The thing that really amuses me is that Koreans, by extension, are now considered Black. Koreans! The people who “like” darker skin and “adore” black skin. Skattebol actually likes black skin, but I have to wonder what she will say when I tell her that she, with no history in South Africa, is now higher on the legal food chain than me, with ancestors who have been there for three hundred and fifty years.

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