Monday, 15 September 2008

"...not bread alone..."

Despite only about 30% of the population being Christian, South Korea has the distinction of having the most Christian missionaries per capita in the world. I myself have been approached by Christian on about five occasions now, the weirdest being the Church of God who wanted me to know that there is also a Mother God. Why are Korean Christians so over active?

“Man cannot live by bread alone.”

- Moses, Deuteronomy 13:7

What does this verse tell us? For one thing, you need to eat a variety of foods. The other things it tells us that the people to whom Moses was speaking had a starch staple of bread.

Why is this significant? Koreans have a staple of rice, not bread. Sure, they like their pastries and stuff, but it is still very far from being an actual food. Moses was clearly not talking to rice eaters and I feel it is reasonable to assume that he never intended for rice eaters to follow his words.

Just maybe it is this that makes the difference. If rice eaters with money gets a hold of the religion started by Moses and renewed by Paul, then you get these over zealous people that feel is it a good idea to go in to places like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia to evangelise or to bother innocent foreigners(and Koreans) on the streets.

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