Friday, 05 September 2008

Volume Sickbed Army's Father

I while back I handed out a bunch of warning letter that were addressed to the parents of students who were extremely disruptive in my classes. The fact that the students were coming to class without book, week after week, was also annoying me. A whole table without books is impossible to teach when they actually need to use it. One parent replied to my letter.

In teacher English

I am the father of volume sickbed army.

Also the book which the student studies studying without encounters as the father highly and startlingly.

Is knowing with the fact that the sickbed diatomic play is serious and as identity of the student the fact that also the book studies without from warfare the gun without to fight, with it goes the thing and E it is cold it picks up.

The map of the parents mistake is the big army,

Again there is not like this work, in order to give an attention, in order, and little more frequently great disaster and nearly polyvalent water shortage there to be a sickbed, it endeavours and [sup] it is a [ni].

From father of volume sickbed……..

I suspect the parent typed the letter in Korean and fed it into a translator, the students name and all. Who would have thought that one of my students was named Volume Sickbed (Army).

When I first read this letter I was thinking: “My student’s father was a prisoner of war and is now bed ridden with the student having to go find water for the sick parent? That is why he is disruptive in my class?”

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