Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Was Jesus Korean?

During my trip to Seoul a few weeks back I was staying at Myeongdong Guest House. The rooms can be small, but for a little bit extra you can get a nicer double room. The owner speaks very good English and ends up getting a lot of foreigners from places like China. For someone who does not know anything about Motels yet and sucks at Korean (I really am trying to get better), an option like this is nice and stress free.

Myeongdong has a cathedral. It is not to bad, but they are working on it, renovations I think. The odd ting about it right now is these odd coverings that are painted with the image of the cathedral itself. It is a bit of a strain on the eyes.

The think I loved was the statue of Jesus in the front...

Taiwan reckons Koreans believe they invented the world. It seems that Yahweh send his son forth from Incheon to bring his lost Jews back to Koreanism.

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