Thursday, 25 September 2008

Poor White People

Still on the South African theme, I am going to post a clip that is sometimes funny, not in a good way, and sometimes sad. White people tend to think this situation is terrible because they look at in a context of “We had it and it was taken away,” and not in the context of “There are millions of others who never had it and are still worse off”. I look at it and think that most of this is not because the people featured here did anything wrong, but that the government laid them off for being white. Fantastic actions for a party that claims to have fought for equality, isn’t it?

Look out for Pahad. He is more interested in fighting and being the racist than he is than actually answering a question sensibly. I admit that the questions are misguided, but that does not make his relies any less racist.

If you get a chance, read some of the comments on YouTube. It is amazing the rubbish people post there.

Journeyman Pictures have a load of clips on YouTube. There is some interesting stuff there, if things like this is your scene.

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