Saturday, 25 October 2008

And it's aaaaaaaall right.

It felt good, even though I can’t remember anything specific. I know I nailed the three movements for he most part and I remember that the whole arena was watching me from the applause I got after each movement, but that is it. I am sure it was, possibly, good enough to get a medal, but I have no idea if it was worth the gold. Master Jo assures me I looked really good, but I think I got the audience vote (medal) and the photo opportunity vote(trophy).

While having lunch I was called to receive my medal. It is odd because it is mostly a take-your-medal-and-go kind of affair. There was more ceremony with the introductions of all the “important people”.

It was a similar thing with the trophy which was awarded for the overall winner of all the self-defence competitions.


At least I didn’t make an ass of myself :)


- Dian Devline - said...

wo.. wo.. wo... hold on... did u mean if u won the competition??? :D...

Otto Silver said...

Nope. I mean the competition is finished and these are the things I won. I am the owner of the things in the photographs.