Thursday, 16 October 2008

Training, till the floor is wet :(

You would not believe how confusing it is to remember three flashy little self defence techniques. OK, maybe it is not THAT bad, but I am new and EVERYTHING is confusing to me. I keep on getting my footwork wrong. I get confused between the endings of two of the moves and the more tired I get the more I forget what’s what. I think at the moment I look something like this:

(My throat is raw from all the screaming yesterday, so today I sounded exactly like this)

Just for fun I include these nimrods:

Practising this is quite tiring. I am sweating like a pig by the end of the session *EEW!* The exhaustion was compounded today by the school picnic which saw at cross the biggest mountain in the city. I have a question. Do some of my students have no other clothes than their school clothes? Does some of my student think it is normal to hike a mountain in sandals? Are girls completely unable to stop talking?

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