Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Fast and Deadly

In one of my adult classes we are reading a book called Cry Freedom. Originally a film, it was converted to a book for the Oxford Bookworm Library. It tells the story of Steve Biko, a key man in anti-Apartheid Activism in South Africa. Being South African myself, I am able to explain a lot of the things in the book that most people will just miss completely. I showed the students a photo on the Internet to explain what a Black Taxi is. Taxies in South Africa, and I expect the rest of Africa, are a menace on the road. If you take them out of the statistics then the road safety in South Africa will be very impressive. Keeping that in mind, have a look at this photo that I found:


*Doom, by the way, is an a insecticide/insect spray.

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