Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Last week Skattebol helped me buy a Scooter. After much discussion we decided to get a brand new second hand 50cc. The previous owner bought it, put about one kilometre on the thing and decided he didn’t want it any more.

It is a Daelim Bonita. Mine is a deep maroon/wine red, but this is what it looks like:

Cute, isn’t it. It was all I could do from acting like a Korean male and getting a pink one and a pink helmet.

The day after I got it, Skattebol decided that it should be named 자유(Jayu). Jayu is Korean for Freedom and freedom is exactly what the scooter gives me. I don’t have to wait around for a bus any more. A trip to E-Mart, including dinner, costs me only one hour and not two and a half hours anymore. I can even go to a nice quiet little coffee shop where a cappuccino costs only 2800 won. I’m often the only one sitting there as most people get their coffee from the express window outside.

I love quiet coffee shops.

My own silly/interesting Korean name is 자유인, the 인 part meaning person. Since my actual name is Francois, which means Free Man (ala Frank, to be Frank), I thought I should find some kind of Korean equivalent. Most Koreans say it is indeed weird, but it makes sense once they know why I chose that. So, 자유인 will be driving 자유 around Two Thousand City.

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