Monday, 06 October 2008


Roboseyo, sometimes know as Rob, had a K-Blog that is one of the weirdest things I read on the Internet. It is not freaky weird, but silly, fun weird. It is not all fun and games, however. There are more serious posts as well, but those are not the posts that bring me back.

If you are looking for K-Blogs covering the news, or the problems and stupidity of Korea, then a 30 seconds search will do it for you. You can do that for any country in the world. If you are looking for a blog that make you see the other side of things, a non-critical, make-up-your-own-mind kind of blog, a blog that will make you say “WTF!” before you burst out laughing, a blog that will make you wonder if this man even has a job to have time to find stuff like this, then look no further. (We are busy with exams and that is why I am able to post at 10am. Now stop pointing fingers at me)

Today he managed to get a hyena being mauled by wild dogs mixed up with a PopIdols type clip.

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Roboseyo said...

Ahh. the Ken Lee clip. I love that clip.

I wish I knew what the words she was singing meant.