Sunday, 23 November 2008

Anti Snow Measures

During the week Two Thousand City broke out the Anti Snow Measures. The measures come in the form of yellow containers next to the road. Inside the containers you will find bags of course sand, possibly mixed with salt.

When there is snow on the road, someone, and I do mean someone, because I haven't actually seen someone doing it but only the end results, will take the sand and throw it on the road. This has the effect of melting the snow and even before then it will add traction in the snow itself.


pinklaura said...

Aaaah. You SA's never stop making me laugh! You seem amazed by the 'anti-snow measures'. Come visit me in England sometime and I will show you where all of our permanent yellow boxes full of sand and salt are. Though to be honest, in England, because it is so wet all the time, you really need to grit the roads *before* the snow/frost.

Otto Silver said...

Aaaah. The only reason I know about the salt is because I lived in London for a year. And before you say it, I know it doesn't snow there, but I had friends from more North.

Also keep in mind that my parents and friends from the Philippines read this. They have no idea what those are.

You know, I never cease to be amazed my the reactions of you Brits at seeing a little lion in a game reserve. :P

- Dian Devline - said...

Aaaah. We are in Indonesia will never have a snow!!! Hahahaha.. :D

Otto Silver said...

It is because of countries like yours that Koreans thing they are the only country in the world with four seasons.

What is the lowest it gets in Indonesia? about 25C at night?

Apparently all countries outside the borders of Korea are either on the equator or at the poles :P