Sunday, 09 November 2008

Seoul Forest

I found out of the existence of Seoul Forest from a post by Roboseo. I had set aside this weekend and possibly next weekend to look for autumn photographs, to I was not going to let the change go by to see what a forest in Seoul looks like.

I have to say that I was a little disappointed. It is a "forest", is it not. Turns out it is more like a biggish park. Apparently development started about 10 years ago with the idea that it would be something like New York's Central Park. I am sure that in about 10 years from now, when the trees are bigger, it will be more impressive, but unless I have been misled about Central Park, I doubt it will be that nice.

There were 23 photos worth keeping, nothing fantastic, but enough to give you an idea of what it looks like there. Keep an eye out for the recycling of art pieces, the trees that "grow" in straight lines and the sight that, I think, says you are not allowed to walk on the water in imitation of Jesus. the very last photo is of an old man on the subway with a pink phone. Oh, Koreans do love their pink.


Roboseyo said...

I agree that Seoul FOREST is a bit of a misnomer, but it's still a nice park; sorry. I should have done more expectation management on my post and pointed out that that great popsong isn't playing in the background, and it's more a park than a forest.

Still, as public relaxation spaces, the only areas in the city limits with more trees and nice foliage involve a lot of uphill walking (the mountains, baby!)

Anyway, It IS a nice place, I think...

hope you had a good time anyway. did you rent a bike?

(ps: roboseYo)

Otto Silver said...

Oh, I do think it is nice. I was just a bit disappointed, but like I said, in a few years, when the trees are bigger, it will be very nice. Central park has been around for a while, after all.

I thought of renting a bike, but I walked the wrong way round and only got to the renting station just before I left. Also, you tend to see more when you are walking and I was there more for the photos than for anything else.