Saturday, 22 November 2008

Nice weather we're having today

I read a blog post a while back, I’m pretty sure it was Brian, about how the Korean text books say stupid things about other countries. They mentioned things like the obsession Western countries seem to have with the weather and that the likely reason is that they don’t have nice weather like Korea.

First off, have you ever been to South Africa? I have never seen below zero in my home town, EVER! OK, maybe once, or twice, but I can’t even remember when that was. It rarely goes over 35 Celsius, and if that sounds hot, consider that the humidity there is low. 35 there is like 30 here. Now tell me again that Korea has great weather? I sweat my arse off in summer and I freeze it off in winter. Go on, tell me.

Secondly, show me ONE Korea who has not complained about the cold, and more specifically, the sudden cold. Show me one Korean who doesn’t complain about the hot summers. I can show you a few who even complain about the short spring and autumns.

At least Korea can say that now they have five distinct seasons.


And now for the more on the nice side of Korea...


- Dian Devline - said...

a -6 degrees??... wtf..!!! i'll surely dying out there...!!!

Otto Silver said...

It's not that bad. You just need a thick jacket of good quality, about four layers under that (two t-shirts, normal shirt and maybe a think jumper) two pares of gloves, extra long underwear and you are ready to go. Nothing serious. ;)

Almost forgot. A scarf, ear muffs and a warm cap will help.