Saturday, 29 November 2008

The healthy way to smoke.

I found out today that KT&G, a big company here in Korea, stands for Korean Tobacco & Ginseng.

Let me get this straight. Korean ginseng is supposedly the healthiest think in the word, despite the lack of any real evidence, and you sell it alongside tobacco? Sooooo, if I dink ginseng tea while smoking, does that mean all the negative effects are neutralised?

Lower down on the Wikipedia page the following three cigarettes are listed at their products:

  • Humming Time
  • Timeless TIME
  • Timeless TIME Light
  • THIS
  • THIS plus

    Really? I tried a quick search for these products, but nothing to be found.


    Brian said...

    What do you mean nothing to be found? In stores or on the internet? For example:

    Back when I used to smoke I smoked This Plus. "Be The Challenger" the slogan was, and you can find them everywhere.

    Otto Silver said...

    My record on Naver is not very good, and like I said, I am to lazy to go out and take the photos myself.

    Because I don't really smoke, I freeze a packet of Dunhill for 4 months, I don't really look at the brands and don't notice the names. With the picture you sent me I recognise it though.

    Anonymous said...

    so there's korean joke. KT&G's slogan is " Get back with Jinseng your health that you lost with Tabacco."