Monday, 03 November 2008

I deserved what I got.

I was hoping to wear an orange belt when I go to Hapkido today, but alas, I still be donning the lowly yellow. Eddy and I were assured that we did well in Friday’s test, but I personally feel that we sucked. I know I did. I should have done a lot better. Part of the reason is that Eddy was wasting my practice time by talking all the time, but that is not a good enough excuse.

In case you are wondering how Eddy talking can be a problem, “listen” to this:

Doing a strange, almost familiar move and making a weird sound.

“Eddy. Make space for yourself. Lift the arm up and out so that you have a wide door for yourself.”

“OK.” Doing some strange limited space movement crunched up movement.

“Nope. Not that. Let me do is so that you can feel what it feels like from my side. Then you will feel why you need to make space for yourself.” Showing the move.

“Did you feel that?”

“Yes. You know, that is the circle movement I read about. And if you do this right then you can really help yourself to kick someone’s arse and I am feeling more confident already (after 5 days) and I really like this except for the right muscles, but you know…”

“Eddy! Speak while you do.”

For every 5 seconds of practicing he is content with talking for 30 and still not listen, or feel.

I learned my lesson and have taken steps to rectify the problem. From now on I will be tell Eddy to focus on what he needs to do as often as I have to. Also, over the weekend I sat down and wrote/described on to paper every self defence movement I have learned up to now. This way I can go over it often so that it becomes second nature. I doubt the other students can remember more that the current level that they were studying, but then again, trying to remember the previous 50+ when you have to learn 10 new complicated moved in four days is not easy and even less when your partner is learning something else.

I am also working on memorizing the names of the kicks and pushes. That might be more difficult, but I have to do it. Next time I want that stupid orange belt and I want the one after that quickly. I’m working on getting more foreigners to the dojang and I want to be the boss of them when they start. *wink*

* Update: We were handed our new belts on Tuesday. Needless to say, I was surprised and a little embarrassed.

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