Tuesday, 09 June 2009

Great service for all

Wherefore are so may “non-essential” services in Korea open until close to midnight, but banks and service centres are closed on Saturdays?

I do understand that the service centres are also open until who knows what time, but if everyone is working at those same times, then it doesn’t really matter if they are open, does it? Banks have the added annoyance of closing at something like half past four AND are not being open on Saturdays. Quite a few people don’t work on Saturdays, so would this not be a logical time to be open?

This is bothering me now because I had to take my iPod in for repairs. Luckily I had Monday off because of the school’s anniversary, but what if I hadn’t? I don’t live is Seoul so that I can just pop on over to get things fixed. It would have taken my months or serious effort to get it at the service centre.

At least they will send the device to me instead of me having to go fetch it.

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