Wednesday, 17 June 2009

New, but oh the headaches.

There used to be a tight dirt road that ran a short distance in Ari-san, the mountain that flanks out school. That’s gone now, along with the scenic climb up the mountain. In return we got a more direct route from my neighbourhood to the centre of town.

The road sports the standard unblemished new flat surface, sidewalks that are still shivering from the feel of new feet, and lines that sparkle when the light hits it right.

However, what you get when you mix the following things together in the same 25 or so square meters:

1. The shortest route to the centre of town.

2. The entrance to both the elementary and middle schools.

3. Lines that seem to be painted just a little bit arbitrarily

4. Traffic lights that flash yellow all the time, instead of changing colour like they were created to do.

5. People who use said light to drive as if they are the only ones on the road

6. Cars parked wherever it seems convenient for the owners, even if it is almost in the middle of a busy intersection.

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