Thursday, 11 June 2009

So this is what the loop is like.

This is fantastic!

Somehow the school’s instant messenger program was installed on to my computer. I have no idea who did it or when, but it was done, and it was working. Previously the program couldn’t display Hangeul, but now it is working fine and I am in the know. You have no idea how positive this is.

Now, every time a message comes up I copy it to Google Translate, get a weird, but usually understandable translation and Bob’s you Uncle. Now I know when someone is looking for their lost keys as well.

Today this message came through:

오늘 교육청에서 공기질 검사가 나옵니다.

혹 수업시간이라도 놀라지 마시길 바라며...

선생님들의 양해 부탁 드립니다.

My modified Google Translate version:

Board of Education Inspector will be checking today.
There will be surprise visits, so don’t be surprised please.
Please take not of this.

I used to think that the Demo Classes were the stupidest things because I thought that was all that was used as a measure of teaching. Turns out I was completely wrong. (Idiot!) Sorry about thinking you are completely useless, Korean Education.

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