Friday, 18 September 2009

… and then you …

A man, whom I assume is the father, is showing his son how to handle a traditional weapon at the Namsangol Hanok Villiage. Maybe, just maybe, this is how Korea achieves their success in the Olympics, starting early and not through 5000 years of needle work. Enough sarcasm now. This father is spending time with his son, showing him how to fight the next country who tries to invade the peninsula. I’m sure many children will give anything to have quality time with their fathers like this boy has.

* I’m still relatively new to Flickr, so I’m still learning how to use the service and it seems I’m allowed to link to my photo to display them on my blog. Nice think about that is that Flickr allows me to Geotag my photos, so when you go to the photo on Flickr scroll down and keep your eye on the right side. Towards the end you will see the properties of the photo and one of them is the location.

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