Wednesday, 16 September 2009

What was that?

Only two weeks to go before the competition and I don’t feel any less sacred.

Last night Master Jo put on pads and did a bit of kicking and punching. It was scary. Master Jo, being an experienced master, has a blindingly fast kick. I’m sure he was holding back, but it was still scary. He would kick and step forward in the same move. This is not really something anyone else has done to us as before.

At first I was just trying to block his kicks and the first few kick I failed miserably. Once I got my first block in I was literally going “Yaaaaah! I blocked th…”

BAM! BAM!  Two punches right on the stomach target.

That was something to get used to. At least I can say that with every sparring session I’m learning something new. Before our session was up I was blocking and punching almost at the same time, then getting out of there.

I would like to stay in there and try a few self defence moves, but I just can’t seem to land them. Landing one of those scores big points and can even end the match prematurely if your opponent taps out.

Tonight is another session of pain. Interestingly, the more you do this the more your body adapts to take the impact without damage. I don’t know if I am adapting yet, but at least I am learning to ignore the pain that will disappear within seconds.

Pray to Chang Fei for me?

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