Thursday, 03 September 2009

Night Market

I come home yesterday afternoon and what do so see? A market, on a Wednesday. EXITING!

What makes this market interesting is that there was LOTS of food. There even was a small restaurant setup. At this little place they had about 10 items on the menu, one of which was a delicious looking BBQ, at least that is what they called it. It was actually just pork on a spit, but when has that ever been bad?

The portions were 25000 won and dished up for three people, but me being the lone hungry foreigner, naturally asked if I could take home what was left. Good new, I could.

The pork was absolutely superb. It had much less fat on than you would normally expect from meat in Korea and it was cooked to perfection. I even decided to take a bottle of Soju with my dinner. (I got halfway before I felt drunk and had to stop. *blush*)

After I had my expensive really by nice dinner, I bought dry baked soy beans, some fruit and a few snacks. Stupid market taking all my money! At least I know that I am paying for the novelty and that novelty will start to wane soon enough.

What is a bit weird about living where I do now is that I am seeing my students all, the, time. I don’t really mind because I am actually building better relations with them this way, but it is still weird. Where I lived before it was easier to eat in town while my students were hanging out at this market (which I didn’t even know existed). Now I am walking and greeting someone every ten steps.

I’ll say it again. Living at my new apartment is interesting.

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