Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sometimes students are the best

I’m not completely sure, but this boy might be right on the border of being declared a “Shinee” student, you know, Special Education.

Anyway, he often just plunks down next to the teachers at lunch time. He doesn’t try to talk to us or anything. He just says “Hi”, and proceeds to shovel food in to his mouth.

Today it was only I and one other teacher left when he did he did the normal rushing in and plunking down thing. The other teacher looked at him and told him to slow down a bit and pick up the spoon that he sommer dropped right on the “dirty” table.

He looked at her for a split second and picked up his whole hamburger patty to take a bite. At this point she was getting a bit dismayed, so she stopped him and started breaking up the patty with her chopsticks.

Shinee was not having any of that. While she was doing the breaking he was doing his very best to get his own chopsticks in there to get a bite of his meat. It was one of the funniest things I have seen in a while.

For him the final straw came when, just as he finally got some food in to his mouth, the teacher picked up his spoon and told him to put it on his plate and not on the table. Without a word he got up, picked up his plate and went looking for another seat.

To add to the hilarity, he doesn’t like to sit anywhere else in the lunch room, so he was literally standing a bit to the side, waiting for us to finish so that he could sit down at the same table.

If only lunch was always that much fun.


-dian devline- said...

Interesting, and clever.. Hohoho.. :D What did u do anyway? Just starring at them and do nothing? :p

Otto Silver said...

I was laughing to much to do anything.