Thursday, 24 September 2009

Where the bridge?

A few weeks back I tried to find Banpo Bridge to look in to the possibility of taking photographs of the musical water fountain. You would think it is easy to find a bridge in Seoul, but if you start at the wrong place and you don’t have a map then you can get hopelessly lost.

I figured that if I get off at Oksu I might be close. I ended up walking around Oksu trying to find a way to walk along the river. At least if I am next to the river I have targets to pursue. When I walk between buildings I feel like I am wandering aimlessly.

After a fruitless, and lazy, attempt to reach the river, I turned back to the train station and headed over the bridge, figuring that I might be able to find something interesting on the Apgujeong side.

I have never been to Apgujeong, by the way. What I found was an area filled with well dressed, good looking girls, (and me sweaty and dressed to walk.)

I also found this strange lampshade, made from silk worm cocoons.

(Looking at the map I found that I was actually in Shinsa and not Apgujeong.)

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-you know who- said...

Euwww.. The 2nd photo was grossy (for me.. :(...)