Tuesday, 03 June 2008

East Asian is as East Asian does.

I am busy watching Battlestar Galactica at home. I tend to watch shows like these while doing other things at home, so I actually go thought a season quite quickly.

The other day I was watching episode 4 of season one. There was one guy whom I though was East Asian looking, but I wasn’t paying much attention and they weren’t showing him clearly. The group of new pilots was sitting in a lecture hall and this guy was playing with his pen in a way I have only seen East Asian people do. They do this thing where they swing the pen around their thumb in a horizontal arch. I have not been able to do it myself, but I have not tried very hard either. Maybe with a bit of effort I can lean to do it as well as this woman.

The first time I ever noticed it was when I was studying with a South African of Chinese decent. I thought it was quite interesting and watched him for a while. Every time I saw it since then it was an East Asian person, and now that I am in Korea is see my students do it all the time.

What exactly am I trying to say? Well, Inspector Gadget here knew the pilot was East Asian without having to look at his face. His hands told the story.

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