Thursday, 05 June 2008

Wonder Girls - So Hot

I have a class of students whom I believe is the worst in the school. From the moment they walk in to class they are noisy and very often they blatantly ignore me, even when I raise my voice to speak to them directly.

Today I had had enough. I tried to START my lesson to no avail. I proceeded to make a note of which students were disruptive, then sat down to compose a letter to the parents about the situation. From now on, at the slighted disturbance, these students will be out of my class for the rest of the lesson and this will be valid till the end of the year. I would rather teach the ten or so students who want to listen than not teach any one at all because of the noise.

To keep them quiet I went in to YouTube and selected Korean songs for them to watch. This kept them quiet enough while I was writing. At one point they asked for Wonder Girls’ “So Hot”, which I didn’t know about until today. I started it and I was astounded. In this video the Wonder Girls are actually sexy. Not in the nice Ee Hyori way, but in that Bouncy Knowles way.

In my opinion Sekshy(Sexy), Preety(Pretty) and Cyutu(Cute) are not the same things at all. Koreans often seem to misunderstand this. They will say a Cute girl is Sexy. You should not equate these unless you find children sexy. When I ask why they will say because she is pretty. No go on that argument. I know many pretty girls who are neither Cute nor Sexy, I know many Cute girls who are not exactly Pretty or Sexy, and I know a few Sexy girls who are not Cute or Pretty

Sexy is that something that will make a man, or a woman I suppose, say to themselves: ‘Man! I want to do that!”, and with “do that” I don’t mean dance. I mean “I want to do that girl”. I know it sounds crass, but that is the way it is. A sexy girl has men drooling over her because they are dreaming about getting in to her pants. I was watching this Wonder Girls video and I am not ashamed to say I was thinking just that.

I don’t mind girls doing that at all. That is their choice and my eye candy. What I don’t like thought is that the cute little, and still only 15 year old and up, girls are doing the same sexy moves. What kind of a parent will allow their young daughter to do that on stage? Are they that gullible to think that men will look at the girls doing their Fuck-Me-Now moves and think: “She is so cute; I wish I could give her a fluffy teddy bear.”? As much as I want to look at this eye candy video, it just makes me to uncomfortable to know I am looking at a girl just a little older than my school students.

In my search to find out which girl is Seon Mi, the one who only just turned 16, was, I found these pictures. An So-Hee, the 15 year old, is the model on the far left. Considering this is Korean and a bare chest is not exactly seen as an every day occurrence, again, what Korean mother will allow her little girl to do this in public? Are we doing this all for the money or is there some other reason?

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