Friday, 06 June 2008

Memorial Day

Today was a nice little day off here in Korea. It is Memorial Day, the day people are suppose to remember the soldiers who fought for this country. I woke up late, played a game, watched and Battlestar Galactica and went out to get this post’s photo.

Something felt different from the moment I set foot out of the house. There were almost no people outside and even fewer cars. The city a general feeling of calmness about it. It was really odd because “the land of the morning calm” is everything but calm.

I am sure this is something separate, but the store where I normally buy the Pocari I drink while walking had, despite being open for business, it’s light switched of and half the shaves were empty.

All the way to town there were very few people on the pavements and still very few cars on the road. Only when I got to town did I feel a slight sense of bustle about the town, but it was still much quieter that normal.

I walked to the spot where I wanted to take a photo and sat down to take a relaxed, unforced shot. Not that is would make the shot any better, but normally you have to stand there and wait for a moment when no one is walking through you view. Today there was no such problem.

When I was had my shot of Stupid Char’s, I strolled over to Ti Amo for a coffee. The place was packed, but despite that there was a more relaxed atmosphere than usual. There were no girls, school or adult, speaking at the top of their voices for no reason at all, and the people who came in were strolling in out with no apparent plan in mind.

On my way home I decided to take a detour through an alley I haven’t noticed before. It led strange route home, but the good thing is that I discovered a cute little coffee place that I want to try out on Sunday. I need to try something new in Icheon again because I have become a lazy traveller, only going to places I know.

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