Monday, 23 June 2008

Envy Season, I hope.

I wrote a week or so ago about how people are staring at my Crocs again. It seems like the Staring Season might soon turn in to the Envy Season.

At the doctor the other day I was wearing my Crocks because of the rain and the nurses were very interested in where I found them and how much they were. I bought my Crocs in South Africa, but I told them that you can find them on the Internet. I even found out that night that there is a Korean site. I would love to get myself a black pair to wear at work. The open toe slip-on thing is getting old and I would like to wear closed shoes again. Maybe I can start a fashion with these.

When we were in South Africa my mother lent June a pair of hers and June decided she had to get a pair for herself. She ended up getting a red pair of the original Cayman. Girl’s feet are smaller, so, considering that the fact that the shoes are blood red, all you can say is: “They are so ugly they are cute.”

At least she can now walk in really comfortable light shoes when she does layovers. Shlepping heavy shoes around the world in no fun. I tried it and ended up taking nothing but crocs.

June showing off her new shoes

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