Thursday, 12 June 2008

Taking the Crocs for coffee.

Yesterday was the first truly hot day with the temperature over 30 degrees for most of the day, so when I went out to meet a friend for coffee I decided to wear shorts and a t-shirt. As I was leaving the house I started putting on my Converse shoes, but then decided that I would rather have the airy feel of my Crocs.

I have a pair off the original Caymen types. These things are ugly, but once you get used to them, and everyone around you is wearing them, you stop worrying about it. Here in Korea I am usually the only one wearing these monsters, but the fact that they are so comfortable means I don’t care much.

I took the bus to town because I have developed Achilles tendinitis due to my own stupidity. I sat in the back and got up just before my stop to swipe my cards and wait at the door. There was a middle aged couple there who gave me this up and down look as if I just crawled out of a pile of dung. I can honestly say that they had nothing to be that proud of themselves. The started at the bottom, moved to the top, went down again and then started starting at my shoes. It was very obvious that they were not use to the monsters because they were like monkeys trying to get a 3D view, moving heir heads from left to right.

It is going to be a long Croc wearing summer for me.

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