Thursday, 19 June 2008

Party Season.

I love how everything in this county seems to be in seasons. South African doesn’t seem to do much using seasons. There are the four seasons and in nature, but everything seem to start at the same time and finish at the same time. Food wise we get the same food all year round and you can watch most sports, TV programs and all kinds of other things all year round.

Here in Korea nature seems to happen in short spurts. After a full day of rain yesterday the tiny snails are out I force and they are all going in the same direction. I would love to know why. Maybe one of the richer snails is throwing a party next week. On the road to school there were elementary school children picking up snail for what every reason and I had to step lightly a few times not to get the souls of my feel al slimy.

Speaking of seasons, here are a few interesting facts about Korea:

  1. The national food is Kimchi and can cure almost anything.
  2. Hangeul is the most scientific writing system in the world, which sounds great, but does not necessarily mean it is actually all that scientific.
  3. In Korea, using an electric fan while you are sleeping can kill you.
  4. Where all other countries in the world have only three seasons, Korea has four. Count them. FOUR!

Yesterday during interviews with the students the one student said: “Korea had four seasons, how about Africa, urm, South Africa?” At my mentioning that we do have four seasons the students was very surprised, and not just a little.

How can Koreans actually believe rubbish like this, or rather, how can the education department allow rubbish lie this to be taught? I can understand that people might have misconceptions of the rest of the world when it comes to things like culture, but this? How on earth can only one county in the world have four seasons? Are there on other places on the same latitude? Have then never heard of things like the beauty of Europe in autumn or seen New York’s Central Park on films during fall?

I suppose you can argue that countries on the equator have only one season, but for basically every other country in the world there are four. If you think about it then Korea does not really have four seasons at all. You go from winter almost straight in to summer and then almost straight back in to winter. The transition seasons are relatively short here.

At least I can console myself that Koreans are a very scientifically educated people, unlike everyone else in the world.

I really need to do a post on the strange things people in South Africa believe in. You will laugh at some of the things the black people come up with, but at least they have the excuse that many of them still grew up in the mountains and had to go fetch water for cooking and washing.

It seems staring season might turn in to envy season. Yesterday the physical therapist asked me very excitedly where I got my Crocs and how much they were. I gave her the site, but when I went home I found out there is an actual Korean site. Maybe in a few month I can proudly walk down the streets with my worn out Crocs while everyone shows how behind the times they are with their shiny new shoes. *wink*

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