Thursday, 19 June 2008

No, the are not Idiots!

I honestly feel that I crap on Koreans to much, so straight after posting the previous post I started writing this post.


I feel that, unfortunately, criticising a characteristic of my culture and my education. I try to not always criticise, bit it is like telling a Korean not get angry when foreigner says something about Korea. They are always up in arms when this happens.

When I talk about Koreans like I did in my previous post then I don’t want to imply that Koreans are ignorant buffoons who all believe in strange crap and are completely incapable of accepting someone a little different from them. These are things that can be said for just about anyone in the world. How many people in the world are happy letting their daughter marry someone from a different culture if there is no obvious benefit to it?

I believe the average Korean does want to talk to foreigners and learn about what they think of Korea, its people and its culture. They also want to learn a bit more of the world outside through said foreigners. The lack of Korea’s English does isolate the people so. I believe that most Koreans feel that they need English and don’t bitch and moan at English teachers for every little thing they do. I believe that Koreans are as clued up on science as anyone else in the world, if not more so.

I also believe that Koreans are as gullible as anyone else in the world. I am willing to admit that I get duped in to believing stupid things every day because I take what people see and don’t try to find out more. I feel this is true for most people in the world. People are inherently lazy. We would rather sit, relax and not do anything, including thinking. It is just natural.

The only thing when it comes to Koreans being “stupid” is when it comes to critical thinking. I am not implying that Koreans can’t be critical and inelegant. Of course they can, but it is just not part of the culture. I can’t see how something like the BSE things would have happened in any of the Western European Cultures because people would very quickly figure out that the media was spewing bull and that the statistics don’t make sense. I am sure there are many Koreans who felt that the BSE protests themselves were as stupid as most foreigners seem to thing, but it seem that the majority are still in the “go with the group, despite the truth” mode.

Having just say that I don’t think the West are THAT gullible, let not forget Iraq. No proof, but that is OK, lets go in anyway and lets not forget Apartheid South Africa with the educated white rule, or even current South Africa and the Foreigners Riots.

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