Friday, 11 January 2008

Hi-Mart Advertising.

In general Korean advertising sucks. I admit that it’s very bias view for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t understand the language yet and by extension not much of the cultural content of the adverts and secondly, South African is renowned for the quality of it's adversing industry.

Never the less, there are a few ads that I like for various reasons. Most of the Hi-Mart adds fall in to that category. Some of them I like because they are actually really good and funny and some I like because they are so ridiculous, visually at least. Over the next view weeks I'll post some here along with what I managed to find out about the content itself.

Today's clip uses the story of a generous rich man who gave his possessions to the poor and ends up getting even more. This I found out yesterday when I asked a Korean who happened to be with me when it appeared on TV.

What I like most about the advert though it the girl. She is in the whole current series of adverts. I like her because she’s quite cute, but more than that, she makes me smile. Look at the way she protects her laptop from the poor people. And look at her face. I can’t help but see what she's thinking. "NOOO! POOR PEOPLE! GET AWAY! IT’S MY LAPTOP!" Something that I don’t really understand thought is why she hits the guy with a stick, or something that I think is a stick. It's OK thought. She looks cute while doing it.

Also have a look at the end of the clip. Why on earth are they all sitting on the roof working on the computers?

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