Monday, 28 January 2008

The Sacret Garden

As already mentioned, I went to Seoul to see if there were any decent snow photographs to be had. More specifically, I went to get a shot of the Sacred Garden at Changdeok Palace.

I actually ended up getting a many other interesting photographs. This is mostly because I had a fair idea of where we were going, so moved ahead of the crowd to take photographs without people there to bother me.

Most importantly I got intended shot. I’m sorry to say that I edited it, but I have to pay to get in there and I have to pay to travel to Seoul and then the palace, so I’m sure you will forgive me editing away the wet spots on the snowed over water. Other than that I only did the normal colour correcting and darkening or brightening in a few needed places.

The second photograph is of a little gate that leads to the palace’s female servants living quarter. We were in the men’s section at the time.

I know this isn’t much of a story, but I didn’t go to so to be an adventurer. I went as a amateur photographer. Tomorrow I will post a few pictures and a short description of the Seolbong adventure. I’m posting a little backwards, but hey, sometimes I feel like doing it that way, and it makes the editing easier.

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