Saturday, 19 January 2008

The Neighbour’s Money

As I was doing my morning scan of the new sites I came across this article. I now this has nothing to do with Korea, but I suppose for me this is a bit like North Korean gossip is for a South Koreans. “Look at what the fool dictator has done to his county…”

Zimbabwe has released a Ten Million Dollar (Dr Evil voice, in Austin Powers) bank note. Wow, I want one. I wonder of I'll be able to get one from the money changers when I go home.

The most I have ever paid for a meal was something over one million thingemegigies in Indonesia, but I read that a hamburger in Zimbabwe costs n the region of Z$ 15 000 000. If you’re not a millionaire in this country then you are truly poor.

I suppose it was only a matter of time. The inflation in this country is in the order of twenty-five thousand percent, that it 25 000%. We are talking daily price changes at that level people. You know, if I wait till my next contract is up then I can get my Z$10mil for half the price.

At the time of writing…
1 South African Rand = 4,397 Zimbabwe Dollar
1 South-Korean Won = 32.5 Zimbabwe Dollar
1 US Dollar = 30,668 Zimbabwe Dollar
1 British Pound = 60,318 Zimbabwe Dollar
…rounder to the closest 0.5 It won’t matter in one hour.

Here are two quick articles from and and the all the dirt at

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