Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Shorten that Article, Man.

I know I sometimes drone on about things, but I do actually try to make the posts shorter. Look at my efforts on someone else's published article. The original article about Korean Pharmacies is in Korean, so I'm using the good old Korea Beat translation.

Here is their version. When you're finished with that, read my version below and tell me if I really needed to say more.

"Be careful with medicine. When you get a prescription from a hospital, don't go to the pharmacy next door. Also, look for one where they tell you what they're giving you. At the very least they should tell you about possible side effects. If they don't then either they're not the pharmacist self or they just don't care about you."

My article took 10 seconds or so to read, ne?

As a side note, if you ever get lost in Korea, go in to the pharmacies. Very often they speak decent English and can help you out.

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