Saturday, 12 January 2008

What’s with old people and perms?

It seems that in every country in the world old people think heavy perming is nice. Somewhere between age 55 and 65 they get it in to their heads that the natural styles that they’ve been wearing since forever is just not good enough and that everyone else is missing something. A heavy perm is obviously the way to go.

As I was waiting in town for my bus yesterday I saw an old lady in one of the other buses. Her hair was permed so heavily that she looked like she should be black.

Remember the hairstyles they had somewhere between the late 60’s and early 70’s? You know, the Afro that seemed to go everywhere at once. Some had big Afros and others had small Afros. This lady was sporting a small one.

You have to keep in mind that East Asians don’t normally have a decent natural curl in their hair, so even a light perm draws attention. A full on black Afro just takes the cake though. I so wish I could take a photograph, but alas, she was gone before I could even start to get myself ready for a shot. It was a scary sight that I would have loved to share with you.

One other thing. In SA old people add this strange light purple tint to their hair. Here I’ve seen a few old women that just went too far with that. They were sporting dark purple hair. It’s rare to see people with grey hair here because they all colour their hair at the slightest hint of decolouration, but normally it’s black. Those Purples were just weird.

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