Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Finished in Korea

Tomorrow it officially the last day of my contract, but I am only leaving on Saturday. End of contract means I have to leave the country for a tiny bit. Have to and WANT to. I need a break from Kimchi, Koreans, the Korean language and Korean logic.

I actually like it in Korea, but I need the chaos and senselessness that I understand. Now I will have two weeks of the occasional incompetent “English” newsreader, African Logic, 15 languages and LOTS of SA food with no sugar added

Most people do not know this, but the current blog is actually version 2. I started out on Friendster and then moved to Google’s Blogger. I am getting fed up with the mess that is this blog, so I over the next few months I will go through the old posts and edit the labels to reduce the number to about ten in total. I also want to learn a bit more about CSS to enable me to edit the whole look of the Blog. Lastly, I am thinking of changing the name.

Right now I am thinking of these post labels:

  • News & Politics.
  • So Korea – about things that makes Korea SO Korean.
  • Photos & Movie Clips.
  • Entertainment.
  • Travel.
  • Teaching – My students, my school, my work.
  • Culture and History – I want to know more about the history and origin of the culture here. This will include small things that I might think of, like how people serve Soju.
  • Food.
  • Other Stuff.

As a Blog name, I am thinking of something like “East will be East”. There is a film called East is East and I actually think that might be better.

I have recently found out that more than five people read my blog now, so it would be nice to hear what all of you think.

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