Sunday, 27 April 2008

News of the Week

I haven’t done News of the Week for a while, however, I finally set up my Google Reader to check everything that I like, so now it is as easy as going to one place to read news, sport news and blog sites. That makes it easy to pick op what is going on during the week. Now, without further ado, the news of the week…

Teaching the World changes it's header image.
Full article at, you are looking at it.

I thought it was about time to get a new header. Because I am putting serious effort in to learning Korean now, I thought I would reflect that on my header. It says "I am Otto. I'm studying the Korean language." I had someone check for me to make sure of the spelling, and wouldn't you know it, I made a mistake.

"But Teacher, dippicult!" I am using a book to study, and that is where the barcode thing comes from.

Thousands of pupils fell pregnant last year.
Full article at the Sowetan.

This is not Korean news, but I still find the situation interesting. School Girls in South Africa are getting pregnant and, apparently it is the Education department’s responsibility to stop this. Baby, if you have sex without a condom or you snip the front of to “not miss out on the feeling”, then you are going to get pregnant.

People, please keep in mind that it is not uncommon for a high school girl or boy might be 21 years old in SA.

First cloned dog to produce offspring.
Full article at IOL.

How is this different from the sheep a decade ago how? The issue might be that it is the same guy that faked the results on Human Cloning, but they don’t exactly say that it the problem.

Korean Cops: “Raped? Not Our Job”
Full translated article at Korea Beat.

Makes be long for home. “What? We have to work?” Did you know the SA police hire security companies to take care of the car outside the station? If they do not then the public who visit might com out of the station owning one car less.

South Korea Braces For Olympic Torch Protests.
Full article at VOA News.

The torch is coming to town and the protesters are using it to make their points. I suspect Korea is not so much concerned that people are protesting, but more likely more about the world seeing that this is a normal country with actual problems. Some countries are almost proud of the fact that people are allowed to protest, but not here.

From listening to others, the torch run was used last time by Dokdo Island lovers. That is another story all together. I think I might get a few links up to the people who did the decent research on the issue.

Is there cricket in North Korea?
Full article at TimesOnline.

I am sure they are already playing football, but now they are going to the quintessential game from the greatest Imperialists of history? Cute!

SKorean convicted for ancient gate fire
Full article at topix.

The A-hole who burned down Namdaemun’s gate is getting it at last. 10 years in prison for a man of 69 is not going to be that easy, but then again, this is Korea and I suspect something like “But he is old and us guards have to give him everything he wants,” will happen.

Icheon Marathon.
Full article at Icheon Marathon.

Yes, we seem to have one. I wonder what this will do to traffic. Also, where on earth do these people train?

Lee bows out.
Full article at The Economist.

Lee? Really? We are getting a president? No, dumb ass!

About 1 in 3 people here are named Lee. If you want to name someone without really naming them then you will call them Lee or Kim. No one will have any idea who it is. In this case, we are actually talking about the chairman of Samsung, the biggest company in Korea. There has been a big fraught case surrounding Samsung for a while now.

South Korea's economic growth slows in 1st quarter on exports, spending.
Full article at the International Herald Tribune.

WOW! I hope this gets sorted soon.

Korea Should Revamp Its Image.
Full article at

Korea is worried about loss of image? I did not even know they had an image. Sure, some people know that Samsung and Hyundai come from Korea, but that is it. Ask them where korea is and they will not even be sure where to look for it on a map.

Korea need to get an image in the world, I feel. It is not going to be easy when you have to compete with neighbours Japan and China. From my experience more people know about the Philippines that about Korea.

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