Thursday, 17 April 2008

Sekshi Mom Retunj with Pibu Girlsu

I normally go to bed at about midnight, so I get to see many of the adverts for the more “Shady” Korean programs. The current two big ones are “5 Girls” and “Sexy Mom Returns”

“5 girls” suck. I watched it once, didn’t like it and saw it a second time while I was reading a book. In this one there are five girls, four of them Korean, who I assume are underwear models for an underwear company or something. They are OK looking, but nothing like the surgically altered beauties you normally get on the little screen. Their biggest problem is that they can’t act to save their lives, unless they are suppose to be that bad because in the East you can never be sure. There is even one white girl who rarely says more than one word at a time, which I can never make out to look up in a dictionary.

The shady side of “5 Girls” is the underwear-ing as well as the occasional nude scenes that don’t seem to fit in the story. Not nearly enough to keep me from falling asleep.

“5 Girls” has been running for a while now, however, the program that started last night is much better. They girls are prettier and the program’s name actually fits. I know beauty isn’t everything, but my Korean sucks, so a little eye candy helps me a lot.

This program is called “Sexy Mom Returns”. I can’t rally be bothered to wait up until 1am for the program to finish, just to see if I get a nice boob view or something, but at least I can say the acting doesn’t suck completely and there seems to be some kind of story.

In this program the girls also seem to have had boob jobs. The one girl was sporting HUGE, and I am speaking about Korea here, B+ or C- breasts. In Africa or Europe that is not such a big deal, but believe me, on a Korean girl that size is very obvious.

What really amuses me about this particular program is that it is Korean made, in Korean, with Korean actors, yet the name is “Sexy Mom Returns”. Of course they have to write this in Korean, which means it comes out “Sekshi Mom Retunj”. (Note, British “O”, not American “A”) I can still see some kind of sense in not changing foreign film names, but this is a Korean production. Why give it an English name if you can’t even write the English and barely pronounce it? Oh, the joys of Korea.


Anonymous said...

it's pronounced, or supposed to be, sexy mong, not mom. might give the readers the impression that the show is about milfs!

Otto Silver said...

Not MOM? My bad. I will need to go back then, take a look and fix my post.

* Note to self...
"Demmit! Didn't I tell you to 'research' better before posting?"

Otto Silver said...

I asked a teacher after making sure that I did in fact read it wrong, and she says MONG has no meaning. I therefore reserve the right to attach my own meaning and will therefore still think of it is MOM, giving it the feel of a program about MILFs. *wink*