Friday, 25 April 2008

Notes Sexy Mong Returns - Episode Two

I missed the first episode yesterday evening, because, lets face it, I am not going to miss sleep for a few breasts and butts on TV. Last night, however, I watched the complete second episode. My TV was set to CGV, so as I was getting ready for bed, and wouldn’t you know it, Sexy Mong Returns starts. I go to bed at midnight, if you haven’t figured this out yet.

I must apologise for a previous post where I thought I was watching the new season. It turns out I was watching an episode of the old season. Anyway, I was entertained within the first 2 minutes and got hooked for the rest of the episode.

We start the episode with two girls in their, what appears to be, university dorm room. The one is already in bed and says good night before pulling the blankets over her head and curling up in to a ball. This gave me my first strange moment. She had a huge teddy bear on her bed, at her head, leaning against the wall, so we were left with balled up blanket containing a girl and a strange bear staring at us. When the girl not in bed left the room the only thing I could look at was the bear. I wasn’t sure if it was creepy or funny, but I wish I hade a screen shot to show you the weirdness.

Just minute of so later there appears on the screen what seems to be the dorms girls getting ready for class, with shower scenes and everything. Seeing nude girls is rarely bad, but it is also rarely weird. The one girl had implants that looked exactly like those fake rubber boobs men can put on. You know, the big joke ones? I couldn’t take my eyes of them. I so with I could poke them to see what would happen.

First 3 minutes gone, we get in to the actual story. There is suppose to be a story line to this detective show, but is not good enough to cross the language barrier successfully and make it really interesting. The three girls, who are suppose to be some sort of detective agency, starts receiving videos of one of the girls who appeared in the first scene (the scene with the bear) having sex in various places in the dorm. I'm still not sure who did the filming and how.

Interestingly, the girl gets taken from behind every time, about five times in total (Yes, I was making notes for the blog). At one point they show the guy opening hit jeans' zipper to take out his penis, top button still done. He then sticks his hand inside to pull the “unsee-able on Korean TV” thing out, I have to wonder though, was this a women writing the program or just a really bad director? Men have to be careful with jeans and zipper just to go the toilet, so imagine the danger to an erect penis. The possibility if injury is just too great to justify me EVER trying that.

There is also the exotic foreign girl, a Bulgarian or something, in the program, who rarely says more than four words at a time. I can’t figure out if they stuck the lolly-pop in her mouth because they think it will somehow look sexy (she is not) or if they are trying to keep her mouth shut so that she can’t say more than 4 words.

The last thing I remember from the show was the photos they took with the “criminal”. The girl used a phone camera and she took the photos of herself with the guy. I have no idea why she felt she needed to be in the shot. Anyway, she used something that looked like one of those older Nokia phones that had the big camera lens thing on the back, but this being Korea, I know that isn’t a Nokia. Problem was that she somehow managed to take the photos with the lens pointing away from her. Amazing what technology can do in TV these days, isn’t it?

I made a whole list of stupid things I saw in the program that kept me up till 12:30, but I forgot the list at home. I normally write my blogs at school before class starts and then between classes, if I'm not busy. I am sure there are a few things I forgot, but not to worry, I will watch the sow again and make notes of more oddities.

Brian did a an interesting on the first episode. Have a look at it here.

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