Friday, 18 April 2008

Korean Names

The thing with remembering and using Korean name is not that they are difficult to pronounce, but that it all sounds the same. It is like Korea has a list of ten family names, 3 of which cover 75% of the population, and 10 parts-of-names that get combines in to various full names.

As an illustration I give you the names of my extra class students. The names are written in a way that is easy to read in English and with a similar sound to Korean, not with the official writing system.

Ee Hyae-Een
Ee Jeen-Yeong
Yeon A-Yeong
Jeong Eun-Jeong
Jeong Eun-Gyeong
Yu Won-Hee
Won Dong-Cheol
Kang Gyeong-Cheong
Gwong Do-Gyeong
Ju Meen-Hee
Kim Su-Min
Kim Su-Jee
Ee Jee-Su
Chwae Mee-Su
Oo Sang-Gyoo
Nam Hae-Jeong

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