Monday, 07 April 2008

Nanta and Itaewon

I went with the girls to see Nanta. Nanta is a show where they bang on music instruments a tell a bit of a story along the way. It was good, but I expected a lot more. Jump was a lot better.

Because if that, I will conclude the comments on Nanta and mention Itaewon afterwards. We were hungry and in the mood for decent Western type food, so we went to a Mexican restaurant. After two pitchers and shots shared between the 6 of us, people were getting a bit happy.

Now, I don't need to be happy to see or even mention this, but I was distracted by the names of the shooters on the menu. This is the list, with the order we came up with after I mentioned that you can tell a story with the names...

1. Horny Monk
2. Blue Balls
3. Blow Job
4. Orgasm
5. Swallow
6. Quick Fuck ( I know, but we were six people)

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