Thursday, 24 April 2008

Strange Products

Products over here are strange for various reasons. In my case there is the addition of another language's interpretation.

Take “Pencil Sharpener” as an example. In Korean is it “Yonpeel GGaggi”. Keep in mind that the K and G in Korean is pronounced very close to the same sound, so if you were to say “Kkakki” instead of “Ggaggi”, you would likely still say the same thing.

For the Afrikaans people who are not sniggering now, listen along with them English folk. “Yonpeel” sounds like you are saying “Jong Piel”, that is “Young Penis” in Afrikaans. “Kkakki” will sound just like “Shitty”. Therefore, if I ask for a Pencil Sharpener, or a student asks me for one, using Korean, I have to try and keep a straight face. You try asking for a Young Penis Shitty with a straight face.

Languages are fun!


When I was in E-Mart the other day I saw the condoms. Nothing strange there. It is just that they moved them from where ever they were before to right next to the toothpaste and soap. My eye fell on a box that said “Jellydoms”. This I HAD to know more.

I bought a pack of Jellydoms and didn’t waste much time at home to open them. It turns out there is nothing made from jelly, no tube of jelly or or anything of the sorts. Basically, no jelly to be seen in the whole box. I had just bought a pack of 12 condoms that are the same as any other normal condom. Bummer! So much for something new.

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