Monday, 28 April 2008

Let's Dance!

Something business love to do to attract attention is to hire Dancing Girls. The girls have elaborate dances that I suspect they do every day, all day. I have never bothered to stand there and watch them to see how often the repeat the whole process.

You can see these girls just as often on music shows or concerts. It seems Koreans cannot stand the idea of someone singing without someone else distracting you with their dancing. I can understand that some people need attention drawn away from their lack if singing ability, but surely not everyone.

A while back, as I was getting back from Seoul earlier that usual, a new mobile phone shop was promoting using the obligatory Dancing Girls. I was crossing the street walking straight towards them, so I could not really miss them. The one girl was hot, I mean really hot. Of course, being the only blondish person on the street, I was attraction the normal bit of attention. Normally they give me one look and then look away because I am sure they are used to men gawking at them, so they might rather ignore them. I do not normally look because I do not find them particularly sexy, except for this girl.

The hot girl was not ignoring me though. She thought it was much more interesting looking at the Waegugin crossing the road than ignoring said Waegugin. How am I supposed to steal glances at the sexy girls if she keeps on looking at me? I can not even smile at her and try to pick pull het because, a) I don’t speak Korean, b) I will be in the media because I am the sex crazed maniac and c) I am happy with my GF, even if I do she her only one ever 4 months.

I include some YouTube Clips of Korean Dancing Girls.

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