Wednesday, 16 April 2008

More Strange Titles

A few days back one of the TV channels was running the film “Double Jeopardy”. If you are not sure, it is the one with Ashley Judd where she is sent to prison for killing her husband, who turned out to have faked his own death.

Anyway, after trying to read the Korean I figured out that, in that odd Korean way, it spelled “Double Crime”. I do love reading the movie names and trying to figure out what I’m watching.

What intrigued me is that they thought it necessary to change the name at all. If Koreans can’t even read the actual English name, what makes people think that they will really understand what “Double Crime” means, even when it is written with Hangeul? Granted, “double” and “crime” are easy words, but still, why not just get a Korean name?

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